Our Mission

We are a family owned business committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness all while providing top quality services, adding value to your property and turning houses into homes.

Why Choose The Right Guys?

We understand How complicated it can be to find a quality handyman that is both reliable and knowledgeable, not to mention personable, informational, organized and educated. The following are what separates us from most.

  1. Each member of our team has passed both a federal and state background check (no ankle monitors here)
  2. Each Team member has either a Bachelors Degree or higher education under their tool belts.
  3. Each team member is OSHA certified, keeping you and your family safe is our first priority.
  4. Each team member is required to complete at least 2 trainings a Month optimizing their skills in other avenues for both professional and personal growth.
  5. A Handyman is only as good as the tools he has...which is why we have them all!... Ok most.

We stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, anything less would be unethical and inexcusable. The Right Guys have a designated Client Satisfaction Specialist that will ensure complete satisfaction when the job is complete.